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Keep Your Lawn Maintained With Mowing and Raking

Don't waste your time and energy maintaining your yard. Let Mike's Lawn Care handle it all. From lawn mowing to tree removal, I provide top-notch services in the Denver area. During the winter months, contact me for trash removal services.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is available on a weekly basis and includes edging and trimming around sidewalks and trees and blowing grass from sidewalks. I take all grass clippings with me. All services are performed using high-quality equipment, including a 32-inch Gravely residential mower, 32-inch Worldlawn commercial mower, and two 22-inch Honda commercial mowers. My blower and edger are commercial grade. Mowing services start at $25 weekly.

Power Raking

Ideal in February and March when the grass is gray, power raking removes the dead grass and the thatch. This allows the grass to breathe and grow healthier. My power raking service includes:

• Power Raking of the Entire Lawn
• Mowing of the Lawn Area
• Trimming of the Lawn 
• Leaf Blowing of the Lawn Edges
• Lawn Vac on the Lawn Area

Power raking fees start at $65.

Before & After Power Raking


Aerating a lawn involves putting small holes in the ground and plugging hard clay out of lawns. This allows moisture to go back into the grass and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots. Lawns should be aerated twice a year. Aerating costs $35 and up.


During the spring, I apply Spring Organic Rich, a pet-friendly fertilizer to your lawn. In the summertime, I use Scotts Summer Guard (which is not pet-friendly) or Scotts Turf Builder, depending on your yard's needs. Rich lawn winterizing fertilizer is used during the fall. Fertilizing in the summer costs $40 and up. Fertilizing costs $35 and up during the spring and fall.

Aerating & Mowing

Tree and Bush and Branch Removal

Removing trees is a dangerous job that should be left to professionals. If you have a dead tree or bushes on your property that you want to be removed, let me do it for you. I provide trimming and removal of trees and bushes. If you are looking for branch removal services or need help with unwanted trees and bushes, please give Mike's Lawn Care a call.

Yard Cleanups

Yard cleanup services include raking all leaves on the lawn and out of bush areas. I have blowers to get in between any rocks. I use my lawn vacuum to pick up collected leaves. After all, leaves are removed, I mow your yard. My fee for cleanup starts at $200, and I will perform a free, in-person estimate prior to service.

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